Music News vol. 1

Something that Sweden has is a really good music scene, specially in rock-pop and “indie” rock music starting from the wellknows Kent or the big international succes The Cardigans to underground and small bands or projects like Detektivbyran or the promise and the monster.

Here im gonna show some examples


one of the famous band inside the swedish territory with a quite unreconignzed success outside the country, they have a soft and easy to listen rock-pop sound with hard guitar riff and some electronic samples, mostly they sing in Swedish, but they record two albums in English (Isola and Hagnesta Hill). Here you have a snaek peek with the song Dom Andra(The Others) from the album Vapen & ammunition (Guns & Ammunition)

Jose González

He is a swedish songwriter that sings and plays the classic guitar from Gotemburg, son of argentinan inmigrants (thats why his name), he plays a quite soft and mellancolic folk music. He only have one album call Veneer, but in the month he´s gonna realease his second production called In Our Nature, with the inclusion of Teardrop, cover from Massive Attack.

The next song is a cover from the also swedish electronic band The Knife called Heartbeats, and it was used for Sony for their product BLAVIA. Here is the adverstising

Peter Björn and John

This trio from Stockholm with the same names is definetely one of the most promising bands of the country with sticky and funny indie rock melodies, here is the first single Young Folks from their last album Writer´s Block feature by former singer of The Concretes Victoria Bergsman

Finally and obviously I can´t miss it, the last Eurodance Success from Sweden heheheh, Botten Anna of Basshunter. Is the story about a Data Nerd (Computer Geek) that confuse a hot girl called Anna with a bot in an IRC chat, really crappy and funny heheheh

enjoy it


~ por luisdanielurea en septiembre 3, 2007.

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